Last weekend I shared a booth with three other writers from my publishing company, Wordbranch at Comic Expo in Cincinnati. Friday- they sold books, I sold none. Saturday- they sold books, I sold none. Sunday- they sold a lot of books- I sold one and I gave away a couple. I mean, I sold their books but my own didn’t sell.

But I’m counting the experience as a success- not a failure. Straight across from me was a young Illustrator from New Jersey who has friends who might be interested in working on a kickstarter graphic novel campaign with me. Next to him was an amazing artist who had done three cons in a row before this one and who left yesterday for #5. While the excitement of doing a con is long gone, he was full of positive advice and encouragement. Right next to me was another Illustrator who complimented me on my bouncy smile (I worked very hard to be upbeat and happy). Cattycorner to my booth was the GREAT Neal Adams and I watched him sign and talk to his fans. It was a masters degree in marketing.

Several cosplayers came back so I could take their pictures and I talked to a fan club who want me to do 4 sessions of my newest workshop “From Fan Fic to Published” for them. I met a young writer and have followed up with her, doing a tiny bit of coaching and encouraging this week.

None of this is tangible- a check you can hold in your hands and feel affirmed that it was good exposure for you. But it makes me happy. I would have been thrilled to sell books… absolutely thrilled! But if I’m not going to sell books, then I might as well meet a ton of great human beings… and that I did! Oh, and if you want to buy a book, check out jerjonji on Amazon! There are four available!