Red Kicks is my most recently published book (out just in time for Christmas) but it was the first book I wrote. When I finished it ten years ago, I started collecting rejection slip after rejection slip on it, but I couldn’t understand why. It was a great story, I thought…. flash forward to getting ready to hand it over to my editor in 2013… thank goodness I started editing early! My writing had improved dramatically in the time period between when I wrote it and when it was time to publish it. I consulted with my writer’s group friends and their advice was consistent- it needed a full rewrite. My earlier copy was mostly telling and I fought with nearly every page to rewrite it so it showed the story instead. That’s a classic beginner writer’s mistake and when they are told that they need to tell us less and show us more, a confused look crosses their face. I’m keeping both drafts so I can demonstrate the difference now. That said, I’m very happy with Red Kicks now. It’s a solid story that is character-driven. I am grateful for the time between when I finished the book and when it finally got published because the book on the market now is a substantially better book that I didn’t have the skills to write ten years ago. So don’t be afraid of the no’s when you write. Keep writing. Keep working. Keep dreaming. Keep editing!